Fitbit Challenge

Being a very physically active guy I don’t like to shy away from challenges. I had recently purchased a Fitbit Charge HR with my buddy Joe.

The newly updated Fitbit App has these fantastic challenges you can invite your friends to particpate in.

Of course you don’t get anything for winning other than bragging rights.

Joe is an electrician, so he’s running around all day. By noon he’s already at 13,000 steps.

So of course I’m in a step challenge with him for that day; the first full day with our new trackers.

I was stuck at the computer all day, and aside from getting out to see a movie, I hadn’t done much. At 9:30 PM I arrive home at 13k steps while he’s at 22k.

Joe had been trash talking me all day about how he was beating me, and was going to beat me. Naturally I couldn’t let that happen.

So I decided to take Joe on, with only 2.5 hours until the competition was over and being 9,000 steps behind. The results are below.