The Winter Weigh Down

The first semester has ended. The holidays have come and gone. Your scale is clearly now malfunctioning. It’s a special time of year. It’s the time of year where we lose all momentum and start again. Some face it bravely, spouting resolutions and good tidings, others wallow in silence with grim determination. There are some that even solider on, unaware of that phase shift that has occurred.


Some people are well aware of the new burdens they must carry


Two weeks ago I was not aware of this loss of momentum. Two weeks ago I was careless and irresponsible.  However, the new year does not pander to our human observances, it chugs along steadily like a freight train into our lives. We either hop on the train or risk being run over. A new year, semester, responsibilities, and goals. It’s as if humanity collectively got together and decided, “okay last year was fine, but let’s make this one better.” This irrational hope is what many say is a defining factor of humanity.

ice walk

We all step out into the unknown, another year of tragedies, tribulations and celebrations.


Alright so we come face to face with this wintertime blues. What do we do about it? Some psychologists call it seasonal depression, others call it the lonely winter. I call it an excuse to stay up late and browse the internet. It’s hard to gain traction again. It’s hard to get back the momentum we had perfected during the fall. Should we join a gym? Find a romantic significant other? Write angry opinions on the internet?

winter night

I embrace the winter time blues by editing all my photos to look overly blue and depressing


I have a lot of questions, unfortunately I don’t have a lot of answers. What do we do when we don’t know what to do? We keep doing what we’re doing. We soldier on. Chances are most of your big decisions for the new year have already been made. You probably decided which classes you were taking, which job you are working, and which sport you are playing weeks or months ago. So for lack of an inspirational reason otherwise, just do it. Yeah Nike slogan, or Shia Labeouf meme, whatever it doesn’t matter. Just do it. Get over that hump, work through those blues, get back in shape. Just do it.

looking down

Just. Do. It


The holidays may have been a time to spend with friends and family, but January is a time to spend alone. I know what you’re thinking: “David, how can you say that!? Friends and family are a critically important support structure in my life that help me get over any problem!” My retort? No. This is you time. This is time to reflect on your decisions and motivations, this is a time to find out how good your work ethic and self discipline really is. So when your friends invite you out to the pub, stay in and turn on some netflix, or put a couple extra hours into that project. Get back into a rhythm, build up momentum again. Friends and family are great, but they can’t live your life for you. You have to drive your own car. Friends and family can give directions and tell you where to go, but ultimately it’s only you who can floor that gas pedal.

open road

It’s an open road ahead, where will YOU go?