Reset a WordPress Password Without Access to wp-admin

Step 1: Have access to the MySQL Database

If you don’t have MySQL access this trick won’t work. If you need to reset a user’s password without access to the WordPress backend you can do so using PHP MyAdmin. WordPress passwords are encrypted with a MD5 hash which makes it impossible to read the passwords in plain text, but we can reset the password and then encrypt it with MD5.

If you don’t re-encrypt the new password with the MD5 hash this won’t work.

Step 2: Using PHP MyAdmin or your DB management tool of choice,  select the wp-users table

Step 3: Click edit on the row that matches your user

Step 4: On the user_pass option enter your desired password and from the drop down function list select ‘MD5’

Step 5: Hit ‘Go’ at the bottom and the password for the user will be added and encrypted with MD5

Notice in my example photo I am using a ‘non-standard’ table prefix of `nextleve`