Physical Exhaustion

It is the weekend, I am exhausted. I need time to relax. This is what weekends were built for.

STOP! Relaxation time!

In reality with my height and agility I should be a fantastic goalkeeper. In practice, I’m actually a terrible keeper. Imagine a tree slowly falling over, then imagine that tree with my face. Now you have perfectly visualized my goalkeeping abilities. I make a better Ent from LOTR than I do a G/K.

Pass the ball to the hungry soccer troll

These days I’ve stopped bulking and resumed my usual routine, which is way too much cardio and not enough calories. So, I’m effectively cutting again, getting lean and mean. I wasn’t exactly “big” before, but I’m definitely feeling pretty lean these days. I’m down at 197 lbs and I suspect I will see the return of my abs in the next few weeks.

Seriously, I look like a friggin’ giant. A skinny giant.

After going to the gym, and then soccer for 3 hours, my body has finally admitted defeat. It begged for the sweet release of sleep. Half a dozen aches in various places, and a handful of new bruises. Such is the way of how I do. Go hard, go home, and then do it all again.

Not everyone can be as majestic as me