Five Songs I can’t get out of my Head

It’s almost October! That mean’s it’s time for all the crazy summer festivals and tours to come to a close. Wild musicians return to their natural habitat, the recording studio, and work on new projects. Every September tons of new songs drop, and give us some funky jams to help us through the September drag. Here are 5 fresh songs that I just can’t get out of my head!

Green Day has a special place in my heart. I remember getting American Idiot on the day of it’s release, and listening to it 3 times through in a row, sitting in my room reading the lyrics book. Green Day captured my teenage angst, and managed to be a staple on my Ipod for many years. Recent Green Day albums haven’t captured my attention, and seem to lack the spark that American Idiot had. The new singles being dropped from their upcoming album, Revolution Radio are excellent. For the first time in years I’m excited for a new Green Day album.

Yntendo is such an undiscovered band that they don’t even have a wikipedia page! Alan Notkin and Apphia Castillo are the two members of this DJ, producer power duo. The Spotify discover feature actually led me to this band and I love everything I’ve heard from them! Their main genre is probably classified as Trap music, but I would describe them as taking some funky Benny Benassi-esque beats and applying principle of Trap music to it.

Lately everything Chance the Rapper touches, seems to turn to gold. His collaborations and his new album, Coloring Book have been absolute fire. This time Chance the Rapper is featured on this up-tempo track from Joey Purp. It’s an addicting listen that makes you want to just leave it on replay.

With a name like Bro Safari you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are well known for their use of animal noises in tracks. Bro Safari, also known as Knick primarily lives in the Dubstep/Trap realm with the occasional dip into moombahton. His new track, “Follow” starts slow and meaningful and builds up to one the dirtiest and hardest drops I’ve heard lately.

After the EDM bubble burst, I’ve found myself mostly listening to rap. The Mellow Bars playlist on Spotify is never far from my speakers, and I found this gem on a song on that playlist. Perfect for a chill drive with the windows rolled up, and one hand on the steering wheel. Within no time you’ll be singing along with Joey Bada$$ about how you “used to feel so devastated, at times we thought we’d never make it, but now we on our way to greatness.