Anything & Everything: Fantastic Friday

I’m absolutely buzzin’ this week. There’s so many awesome things happening now, and in the near future. Let’s kick this blog post off right with a new song that I can’t get out of my head.

This is a fantastic “mellow” rap song with a great beat and catchy chorus.

The Overwatch A.R.G (alternate reality game) has come back full steam. If you’ve tracked the history of this particular ARG involving Sombra it’s been intense. Most of the community is having a great time solving/following the ARG as game detectives sleuth out the next clue.

I recommend you give this a watch, even if you’re not a big gamer or Overwatch player. This youtuber, Rhykker does a great job of methodically explaining the various steps of the ARG. It’s fascinating and made me want to research ciphers and code-breaking after seeing this.

In my own personal world I’ve successfully managed to not pull my hamstring again…(details here) My men’s team, SWU South City FC is participating in the preseason tournament, and we are currently 3 for 3. We have 1 game left in the preseason and it looks like it’s going to be a clean sweep. The entire team has looked great out on the field, if we keep this form up I expect to see another highly successful season. Anything short of the top 3 in the division table will be a failure for me.

I’ve finally managed to break down my plethora of excuses that kept me on the couch and away from the gym. This guilty energy culminated in a drunk & shirtless snapchat I posted several weeks ago in which I explained that it was “time to get abs back.” I’m so very sorry to my entire snapchat friends list, the shit you guys have to put up with from me sometimes… 😛

I’ve been consistently going to the gym again, back in the strength training routine and loving it. As an athlete who needs explosive power, I just feel at home with strength training.

Sets of 5×5 just feel so right.

While I’m not running again just yet, I expect that with my rigorous routine that I should be sprinting around the field like a “human beanstalk” in no time.

Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial internet rock, you probably heard about the trailer for the new X-men movie, Logan. It’s finally been enough years after the Nolan Batman trilogies for everyone to stop criticizing superhero movies for following Batman with the “gritty reboot” formula. As kids our love of superheros was for their fantastical powers and epic quests, as adults we may still love those things, but I think a lot of us want to see realistic principles and outcomes. In order for us to suspend our disbelief we need to see real world consequences. If a massive-jacked-savage man with razor sharp claws coming out of his hands was running around attacking groups of henchmen we’d see dismembered limbs everywhere and pools of blood. Everytime we see Wolverine on screen slash down an enemy for them to only fall down apparently injured and not bleeding is a let down. We want to see the carnage, we want to see the struggle, we want to believe these awesome powers exist, and as you can see from this trailer screenshot, this X-men movie might finally give us that gritty realism we so desperately crave.

Now I have to include some politics in this post… it’s been an absolute firestorm of headlines this week. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, this video has comedic value. If nothing else, let’s appreciate Donald Trump for the massive, massive, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC balls this man has; honestly I’m surprised he doesn’t have to carry them around in a wheelbarrow. Donald Trump said all of the remarks in the video below, at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner which has some of the biggest Washington Elites at it. Including a large amount of Hilary’s supporters/endorsers, it wouldn’t be too inaccurate to say that Donald was literally in the lion’s den.  Most of these jokes will only make sense if you’ve followed some of the bigger events during the election, and if you watched the Presidential Debate #3.

If you haven’t been watching these videos already, then you need to get on it. The Pokemon channel on YouTube has been releasing these videos for a few weeks now and they are fabulous. The one comment I constantly see again and again is:

They should just cancel the anime. This is way better.

Honestly the new Pokemon Generations has an excellent production value, and despite the short run time of each episode it’s done a great job of evoking emotion. For those of you who might have missed out on a few games in the series it brings up major characters/plotpoints from these games. It’s presented well enough that you won’t feel too out of the loop.

Battlefield 1 releases worldwide today and promises to be the biggest shooter of the year, and it’s here to stay. After years of shooter fans clamoring for a return to WW1 with modern graphics Dice finally obliged them. Battlefield 1 is being greeted with widespread critical acclaim. Seriously, this game looks gorgeous, plays fantastically and executes the formula DICE polished with BF3 and BF4. I expect to see a strong BF1 player-base for the next few years, which is something most developers dream of. DICE is definitely the king of the shooter genre right now. Take a look at this video from British YouTuber JackFrags.

This game is seriously beautiful.

Bonus!  I just saw this video and had to add it to the post. Feel the festive cheer of the holiday season and watch some people do ridiculous shit… all while in costume. T-rex bro is my favorite, it looks absolutely ridiculous.