Halo Reach is Back! But is it Still Relevant?

I can’t believe it, Halo Reach came out nearly ten years ago. September 14th, 2010 was the original launch date of this beloved game. Halo Reach released with 3 editions, standard, limited & the ‘Legendary Edition’, which came with a 10 pound statue of Noble Team. The higher tier editions also […]

How-to Center Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of my most trusted and used plugins when working with WordPress. In the age of microtransactions every internet industry has seemed to weaponize monetization. Every single app and utility has tweaked it’s format and hidden features behind paywalls. In such a day and age, a […]

Update All MySQL URLs (WordPress FQDN Change)

You’ll find the following block of code on a myriad of websites. In my years of working with WordPress I’ve seen some really bizarre post URLs. Things like the server name and full server path to the user directory all in front of the actual FQDN.  For example: Serverbox21/home/users/johnsmith/public_html/ I’ve […]

Basic Manifest File Layout

As technology develops, the line between website and app gets blurrier which each passing year. Progressive Web Apps or PWA’s are an attempt to bridge the gap between app and website. Google promotes PWAs so heavily that when you run a google lighthouse audit (formerly google page speed) on your […]

Adding Custom Fonts to WordPress

Websites live and die by their design. One of the biggest aspects a web designer has control of is typography. As many websites passionately argue, there are many ‘do’s & don’ts’ of typography. Here is a great resource I recommend that helps a designer understand just how much thought and […]